There is a well known Master's Commission motto that shares the purpose of Master's Commission: "To Know God and Make Him Known". All of our curriculum at East Carolina MC is designed to help you know more of God. Our program is a hands-on ministry training program, that is coupled with deepening our knowledge of God. Below we have a quick overview of the curriculum of East Carolina MC to help you better understand what students will work on academically throughout the year.

scripture studies

The Word of God is key to Christian living. Students in East Carolina MC will be given the opportunity to memorize scripture throughout the year. The first year students will memorize 160 scriptures throughout the year. On top of the weekly tests, first year students will be required to write a monthly paper around the scriptures they picked detailing how they are applicable to their life, what other scriptures they are connected to and any other important details. Second year students will memorize 135 scriptures throughout the year. Each month their scriptures will be on a specific topic. On top of the weekly test, students will be required to turn in a monthly word study.

Monthly focus class

Each month East Carolina MC will choose a specific focus for our students and team to learn and develop in to a greater level. Weekly we will have a class from someone accomplished in this area to stretch the students thinking and understanding of the area. Some of the areas that we will focus on throughout the year are: Biblical Studies, Emotional Health, Personal Discipline, Leadership, Finances and more.

life development

Students will participate in a weekly life development class. We believe that it is crucial not only to learn scripture, but to learn how this scripture can be applied to daily life. In our life development classes students will be taught on daily practical lessons and how to handle situations from multiple perspectives. Some of our classes include: Public Speaking, Guy/Girl emphasis, Personality Profile, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking and more.

soap devotionals

Students will be required to write 5 SOAP devotionals per week in their journal. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Each entry should be on one chapter from the bible, and include observations and applications for life in them. Finally finishing with a prayer for the day. By the time a student graduates their second year, they will have devotionals written from the entire new testament, and a large portion of the old testament.

book of the month

It has been said that it takes 2 years of life experience to write a book. Surveys estimate that, 55% of Americans read less than 5 books a year, while 23% don't read any at all. With such startling statistics, it is our goal for students to grow in knowledge and information. Therefore, every student will read 8 pre-assigned books throughout the year and participate in book discussions bi-weekly. After the book has been read each student will write a book report discussing what they have learned from the book and how it can be applied to their life.

leadership training focus

Our second year student program is designed around leadership development. In addition to all of the above responsibilities, our second year students will have additional work to grow their thinking and leadership. They will write exhaustive responses to hard to answer questions each week. They will also be given opportunities for leadership in the church and in the Master's Commission program. These leadership moments will give the student the opportunity to understand responsibility and to learn to lead well.

West Coast Bible College

East Carolina Master's Commission partners with West Coast Bible College and Seminary. Every student who joins ECMC will take courses with WCBCS online, and after two years at Master's Commission, students will leave with a Bachelor's degree from WCBCS. Not only are students able to receive a degree from WCBCS, but all students will also be eligible to receive credentials, ranging from Christian Workers License, to Ministers License, and Ordained Minister.

West Coast Bible College and Seminary started as a dream of Dr. Kevin Harrison to create a Bible college that is relevant to life and ministry. With a team of men and women who have a passion for God and compassion for people, WCBCS was created to make education practical and affordable, allowing people to continue their education without having to go into debt.

If you have any questions regarding East Carolina MC's partnership with WCBCS please contact our offices.


All students of East Carolina MC live in housing supplied on property of Wave Church in Wilson NC. All houses are 3-4 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Houses also have a furnished kitchen, living and dining room. Each student will be supplied with a twin bed as well. Please see the slideshow below for pictures of some of our housing options. Click below to watch a video tour of the East Carolina MC housing.