Wave church

East Carolina Master's Commission is based out of Wave Church - a multi-site, non-denominational church with campuses all over the United States. Our pastors Steve and Sharon Kelly came to Virginia in 1999 to build a church of influence with a passion to help people live life well. 

ECMC has the privilege of being hosted by the Wave Church campuses in Wilson and Greenville, North Carolina. Our Wilson and Greenville Campuses are just two of the eight campus across the U.S. Our North Carolina Campus pastors, Adam and Marleis Scharfe, seek for Wave Church NC to become an example of discipleship, leadership, and relationships in our cities. As a church, we will multiply our influence in two ways:

  • Firstly, we will raise up a generation of leaders in our church that will, by living to their fullest potential, influence their world for Christ. 
  • Secondly, we will network with churches, pastors, and leaders of like-minded spirit, as we mentor and empower them to change their communities and sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God.

For more info on Wave Church in Wilson and Greenville, please check out our website by clicking HERE.

On top of that, our students will also receive the opportunity to be a part of the conferences of Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA that have a global impact. For more information regarding Wave Church conferences please click HERE.

Ministry Electives

Every student in East Carolina Master's Commission will receive the opportunity to be in ministry elective throughout the year. These electives are designed to train each student in all aspects of church ministry and give them hands-on experience that will be applicable to them in their future endeavors. Each elective is led by our incredible staff here at Wave Church NC. 

Our ministry tracks include the following areas: Pastoral Ministry, Media, Church Communications, Wave City Care and Pastoral Care. On top of the ministry tracks our students also get the opportunity to be actively involved with our Royal Youth team and Wave Kids team here at Wave Church.

Mission opportunity

East Carolina MC has had a relationship with an incredible missions organization called Food for the Hungry since 2011. Food for the Hungry is one of the top feeding organizations in the world that has a plan to eradicate poverty on all levels. In 2011 we began sponsoring a child in the community of Chitixl in the nation of Guatemala, and in 2012 we had the opportunity to go visit her and her community. Since that year our program has been a part of projects in Chitixl where we began seeing that community grow and develop. Over the years our team has helped build a sport court for the children, a community kitchen, latrines for the local families, while helping to expanding their health clinic. We also had the opportunity to finance putting a roof on a school in a neighboring community.

While understanding that not everyone is called to work on the mission field, we do believe that it is an experience that every student will forever remember and be challenged by when they return to the U.S. We would love to show you some of the awesome highlight videos from the previous years. As you watch, you are able to see the transformation of the communities over the years.

Check out the videos below!

Guatemala 2014 - Mission Trip (Community Kitchen)

Guatemala 2015 - Mission Trip (Health Clinic)

Guatemala 2016 - Mission Trip (Latrines)

It is our desire for every student who joins East Carolina MC to receive the opportunity to go on a mission's trip. Because we understand finances can sometimes be difficult we set it up so that the program will raise half of the mission's trip cost and the student will raise the other half.

Mcin affiliate

East Carolina Masters Commission is an affiliate of the Master's Commission International Network. Each member of the network must uphold a certain standard of excellence and passion. 

MCIN has 5 core values...

  1. An Emphasis on Personal Discipleship
  2. An Emphasis on Personal Discipline
  3. An Emphasis on Passionate Prayer and Scripture Memorization
  4. An Emphasis on Evangelism
  5. An Emphasis on Equipping the Christian to be Ministry Ready  

For more information on MCIN please click here