our DirecTORS:

Josh and Sarah Sepulveda

Our directors, Pastors Josh and Sarah Sepulveda, have been a part of Master's Commission since 2014. They both graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL in 2011 they began their ministry journey in New York, where they were campus pastors. In 2011 they were married, and they have two little boys. Hudson Ryder born in 2012, Roman Steele born in 2017.  They moved to Wilson, NC in 2014 where they now direct East Carolina Master's Commission. They have worked in youth ministry for 4 years and are the youth pastors of Royal Youth NC alongside their role as directors of ECMC, they are the service pastors of Wave Church Wilson. 



why choose east carolina mc?

East Carolina Master's Commission is a Christian-based discipleship school that is doing college differently. Geared for young adults, our focus is to create an environment for students to discover their purpose, increase their level of influence, and empower them with an educations that goes beyond the classroom. 

Our structure is different than the traditional college experience. Instead of the standardized Four-year approach, we offer strategically customized stages of learning that fit into anyone's desired journey. Whether you choose to invest just one year or more, each stage offers opportunities for you to be different so you can make a real change in our world. 

gap year

Investing in the life-changing GAP YEAR might not be a concept you’re familiar with, but this popular international tradition has been proven successful in studies by renowned universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. In addition to that Time Magazine, USA Today, The Today Show and Education.com all report that taking a gap year between high school and college can be a key to a successful future. All report that students who spend their first year post high school experiencing some aspect of real life eventually are more productive in their adult career and family endeavors.

A gap year is an opportunity to discover who you are. A chance to find out what motivates you and what you are passionate about. A gap year gives you the ability to gain vision for your life and the understanding on how to see that vision through. You meet new people, try new things, go new places, and have new experiences. Because Jesus Christ is the central point of all we do at ECMC, you will experience a spiritual and leadership transformation that will set you on a trajectory for a future with purpose.

Around 75% (2.1 Million) of traditional college students change their majors between the first and third year. (Source: New York Times) That is a lot of time and a money that goes down the drain! So even if you only join us for the first transformational year, it could be one of the wisest decisions of your entire lifetime.

Intrigued? Check out these links below for more insight into taking a GAP YEAR. 

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Frequently Asked questions

What is Master's Commission?

It is an intense 10 month discipleship program that allows students to give a year of their life to God. East Carolina Master's Commission is a place where you find your purpose, feed your passion, and unlock God’s destiny for your life.


Where will I live while I am in Master's Commission?

Each student will live in dorm style residences we have on property. Students will have a bed, living room furniture, closet space, and a kitchen.


Am I allowed to have a job while attending East Carolina Master's Commission?     

East Carolina Master's Commission students are permitted to work part time jobs on the weekends. However, our schedule is very busy, and students will be gone many weeks out of the year. The ECMC class schedule will take precedence over your work schedule.


Do I need a car to be a part of East Carolina Master's Commission?

Students are not required to bring a car with them. However having a vehicle will be a benefit to the student.


Are students allowed to date while they are a part of East Carolina Master's Commission?

By joining East Carolina Master's Commission you are giving God a year of your life. All of your life. Because of this we ask students to set aside relationships throughout the year, and give their whole selves to God.


How much is tuition, and what does it cover?    

Student tuition is $5,500, and this covers your West Coast Bible College tuition and books, housing, any in-country ministry trip, and half of an out of country missions trip.  

Is West Coast Bible College accredited?

West Coast Bible College currently holds accreditation through the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)  and they are working toward further accreditation through the US Department of Education. 

Will my degree transfer to another college if I choose to continue my education elsewhere?

Many of our students and graduates have had great success in transferring their degrees and credits to Luther Rice College and Seminary in Lithonia, GA over the past several years. West Coast Bible College only offers degrees in General Ministry.

Does East Carolina Master's Commission offer any Scholarships?

It is our desire to see every student who desires to be a part of ECMC not be stopped because of finances. Because of this we have started a scholarship program that is available to our students. For information regarding scholarships please contact our offices at 252.293.4445.