Our Approach

ECMC is a different approach to life after high school. We find people aged eighteen to twenty-something often asking, “What’s next?”  We know that some of you already have a plan laid out and you’re ready to follow it to a tee, but many of us graduate, we try out a couple of jobs, and we still have the overwhelming sense that we’ve yet to find our purpose.  We would suggest taking a 10 months of your life and simply establishing something that will stand the test of time!  Our unique blend between college courses and hands-on ministry makes us who we are. If you’re looking to do Christian college differently, this is a place for you and if you are looking to fall madly in love with Jesus and gain real hands-on ministry experience, this is it!  We invite you to pray about the possibility of coming to ECMC to encounter His presence, be equipped for your promise, and released for His purpose!

Our Structure


Become a better you and learn how to live differently. 

A gap year is your opportunity to discover who you are and the plan God has for your future. It is your time to experience new things, determine what really drives you, and to equip yourself with a foundation that is built to last. Who ever said that you had to have everything mapped out by graduation day? You've just accomplished a lot! Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to stop, collect yourself, discover your purpose and put 

motion to your future. 


Emerge as a person of influence and learn how to lead differently. 

Take a plunge into a leadership position at East Carolina Master’s Commission and learn principles that will take you further than you could imagine. With professional training by both our church and staff, you will learn how to lead effectively and be given opportunities to put into practice daily what is taught. 


Advance your training and learn how to do ministry differently. 

With a focus under a specific ministry department of Wave Church, you will receive professional training and experience by people who really know what they are doing. Along with this focus, you will be learn under Pastor Steve Kelly a world-renowned speaker and author, with a multitude of years of experience of ministry and leadership experience.