Burn the boats

Burning the boats is an ancient war strategy dating all the way back to the time of Alexander the Great. Military strategists would use this as a method of war when it seemed like the deck was stacked against them. Once they sailed to the land that they would be conquering they would rally the men and burn the boats. They would eliminate their way out. When times got difficult the men would know that the only way out is to fight! 

Hernan Cortez used this strategy when facing the Mayans. Cortez and his men would be facing a people that hadn't been defeated in 600 years on their own territory. Cortez, like many generals who employed this strategy before him, walked away with a victory.

It is our belief that we are to approach the will of God for our lives this way. We are to eliminate our lan B's. We should eliminate our way out and invest completely into the will and purpose of God for our lives. When Elijah placed his cloak on Elisha, Elisha did this very thing. He burned his plows, sacrificed his oxen and followed the man of God Elijah. 

Can we encourage you to have the same mentality as Elisha? To eliminate all other plans you have made for your life and ask God the simple question of what is His plan for your life. Whatever that plan is, let it be your one and only plan and eliminate anything in your life that could give you an exit strategy. Simply put... BURN THE BOATS!